Florida Aikido Center Exclusive

Have you ever been harassed by someone with a Hakama and a reputation to uphold?Perhaps you have been accosted by another aikidoka who sweats profusely and refuses to wear an undershirt. Well if any of these things happen to you, then the

Florida Aikido Center 10th Anniversary is for you. Jaime, Mike, Sam, Keith and Gina would like to welcome you to Florida Aikido Center’s 10th Anniversary. This is an ALL STAR troupe you will not want to miss!

We are actually a little afraid of him … jokes … (not really)

The secret behind all successful instructors!

Ya try to keep it, but it comes and goes -

• Fell on my head! • My legs hurt! • I cant feel my toes!

Gina Buccolucci and the Florida Aikido Center welcomes instructors Mike Jones, Jaime Kahn, Sam Taitel, Keith Lit in Tampa Florida from Aug 31 6:30p - UTC -Sep 1 10:00a - 2:00p (ish) for our 10th Anniversary Aikido Seminar. Cost is $100 both days or $80 for one day. Contact Gina Buccolucci (813)-410-1904 or gina@tpamartialarts.com

2017 • Shomenuchi Ikkyo Shomenuchi Iriminage Katatetori Shihonage Ryotetori Tenchinage Tsuki Kotegaeshi Ushiro Tekubitor Morotetori Kokyuho

2018 • Katatori Menuchi Yokomenuchi Morotetori Shomenuchi Tsuki Ryotetori Koshinage Hanmi handachi-Ushiro waza Tanto tori Randori