Adults Classes

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Adult classes are offered regularly throughout the week. We encourage prospective adult students to join us any time for a free Aikido basics class (see our schedule). While a uniform is required for all adults which includes a gi, white (or black depending on rank) and a hakama for those students of sufficient rank, new students are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing such as seat pants and t-shirt. No shorts or jeans, please.

Besides our regular adult and advanced classes, private lessons with our chief instructor, Gina Boccolucci Sensei are available. Please see Bill Crupi or Gina Sensei for more information. We also host special seminars regularly with high-ranking Aikido instructors from around the world (including some of our principal teachers), and we regularly participate in area ‘friendship’ seminars with other Aikido dojos in the area.

Come check us out, you will be glad you did!